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Meet Our New Interns

New Recruits

陕西快乐十分彩票电视 Recently Cosmos took in a number of interns, with specializations ranging from graphic design to product design. During the last three weeks, they have worked on social media material, branding, research, and product creation. Meet Jessica, Mina, Krati, and Leoncio, as they give us insights on what they worked on so far.

Bringing in Different Perspectives

Jessica Lee comes from Carleton University in Ottowa, working towards her Industrial Design degree. She has been with us for 4 weeks, researching current material trends and processes to come up with new phone case designs.

Their background allows varied insights. “I like how different everyone’s backgrounds are, and how everyone brings their own perspective to the table. It makes brainstorming sessions very interesting,” Jessica emphasized. As a sophomore university student, she is appreciative of the realistic view she gained on how sketches turn to real products.

Expanding Existing Skills

Armina Menor is a recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Hong Kong. After earning her degree in Graphic Design, she is now working on Cosmosupplylab’s social media design and content. She also writes articles for the Cosmo website. It is a different experience than she is normally used to.

“I appreciate that I get to exercise my communication and writing muscles, as these are complimentary for a graphic designer,” she states. “It is important to work on something new in order to expand your current skills.”

People-centered Design

Krati Dasot also recently graduated from SCAD Hong Kong. She majored in Graphic Design and minored in Painting. She is currently working on redefining and rebranding the Cosmo studio.

“I had to understand who the target audience was and present my ideas in ways that the listener will understand. It’s an invaluable and eye-opening experience.” Krati said. Like Jessica, she likes the office environment and the people she works with. “It’s a very fun, diverse, and open-minded group of people. It keeps you humble and open.”

Experimentation is Important

Leoncio Soler is a Savannah College of Art and Design student, working on his second degree in Interaction Design and Game Development. He gained his Industrial Design degree in Columbia. Now, he is researching on sustainable and environmental materials for product designs. He comes to the office excited every day, as our R&D prototype lab is like one he has never seen before.

“Experimentation is key to discovery”

“The team is amazing,” he says “I’m learning a lot from my colleagues on how to experiment and do research.” He also states that resourcefulness is still essential, no matter how much access you have to state of the art tools. “Experimentation is key to discovery. Materials are one with storytelling, and there are so many of them.”

Our interns constantly give us great work and new perspectives. We are excited about the projects they will finish with us. They are great examples of why it is important to remain open to fresh insights.