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Cosmosupplylab Becomes Cosmo

Cosmo Going Minimal

陕西快乐十分彩票电视 We are simplifying our company name, going from Cosmosupplylab to Cosmo. Our name is simple, straightforward and easy to remember.

We have all been referring to Cosmosupplylab as Cosmo for years now. We are just making it official. Our staff does it, our clients do it, and all our suppliers have done it.

We, therefore, decided to make the change and no time is better than the present. Most importantly, it is now in line with how we refer to the company on a day to day basis.

Supply and Labs Have a Role

We are not ready to say goodbye to Supply and Labs completely. These will form the company’s two divisions.

Cosmo Labs will handle all design and prototyping related needs, while Cosmo Supply specializes in manufacturing and industrial scale-up.

Each division handles a different stage in getting your idea from paper to final product. Both divisions remain part of the same company.

Refined Logo

A shorter name means a minor adjustment for our logo. The logo is now bolder and makes more of an impact. At the same time, it has a smaller footprint and has been optimized for online platforms. It too went through the process of simple, clean and clear.

New Web Address

Our short name also needs a matching website address, so we will be rolling out 陕西快乐十分彩票电视 instead of You will see us working towards updating our name, both in-house and across all platforms, in the coming month. We will keep the old website address for some time to come, it will only re-direct to our new address.

We will make sure you can find us in all the usual places. Welcome to Cosmo; same company, simpler name.